• Train to Competition Standard
  • No pressure to compete
  • Lifeskills classes available
  • Fully qualified trainers
  • Member of the Coape Association
       Pet Behaviourists and Trainers

  • We offer high quality professional
       training, using the most up to date

  • Your dog's welfare is our first

  • Your own chance to have fun and
       make new friends comes a close



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Behaviour Based Dog Training
near Bridgwater, Somerset
  1. Agility Lessons
    Agility is great fun, for you and your dog. All ages of handler and breeds of dog are welcome. Agility training can be a fast and exciting environment for your dog, and you may see changes in your dog's behaviour that are unexpected. You will have to work hard in the early stages to help your dog adjust. We understand that this is likely to happen and we will help you through this in our Foundation and Relationship / Focus groups. All training at Paws on the Levels is reward based. We do not permit harsh handling and we expect handlers to work hard at interaction and play with their dogs whilst maintaining control using kind and consistent training methods. Our classes fill quickly, and there is usually a waiting list.
  2. Workshops
    We regularly offer agility workshops of 2 to 3 hours, aimed at improving a particular set of skills for both dogs and handlers. We also offer occasional opportunities to attend guest speaker workshops, on any interesting topic concerning your dogs, not just agility.
  3. How We Train
    It is our belief and understanding that virtually all training can be successfully achieved through the knowledgeable use of positive reinforcement & reward. Dogs that display unwanted behaviours do not have problems understanding their status with other dogs or people. Consequently any attempts to alter the dog's apparent perception of rank will at best amount to a pointless exercise, at worst cause even greater problems and may lead to the onset of aggression. Many training and behavioural modification approaches that are based on the theories of rank reduction and establishing "pack rules" involve some form of stress, coercion or fear and in extreme cases, inflict pain. We wish to publicly distance ourselves from such an approach to dog training.
  4. Behaviour Advice
    Training is the skill of teaching a dog how to do something - like sit or stay or walk nicely on a lead - all the things that we can help you teach your dogs in our Lifeskills classes, as well as helping puppies learn to socialise with other people and other dogs. Behaviour cases however are very different. A behaviour case is always a problem for the owner - some problem with everyday life for the dog. Commonly seen are forms of aggression, separation related issues, resource guarding, etc. Dogs with behavioural issues cannot be simply "trained" to behave differently - this is why it is essential that anyone seeking help with a behaviour problem does so from a qualified behavourist. It is very easy to make a behavioural problem worse, without even realising it. If you are unsure about what would help you and your dog most, please contact us.